Restaurant Hantverksbyn in Rättvik open daily

We serve everything from a simple lunch to a wedding dinner in a unique, rural environment. We have several dining rooms, Gärdebyn with 80 seats, Tina with 50 and Wärdshuset with 60. These rooms combined with the breakfast room and the salon have a total of 250 seats. In addition to this our patio has 100 seats and a gorgeous view of Lake Siljan.

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Hotel Hantverksbyn

Our charming log cabins with sod roofs have 37 rooms with separate entrences, showers and toilets. You’ll park right by your cabin will then be able to enjoy the view from the porch and eat a delicious dinner in our fully licensed restaurant. Breakfast is served every day between 7.30 and 10.00. There is also access to a sauna and a wood fuelled outdoor hot tub, available on demand.

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Handicraft at Hantverksbyn

Here you will find wares from the finest local handicraft manufatcturers such as Jobs, Käck & Hebys, Grannas Dalahästar & Woolisar. For more information go to

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Hantverksbyn (the Handicraft Village) history

In 1977 Sören Eriksson started the building and in 1979 it was opened under the name of Slöljdtuppen (The Handicraft Rooster). Initially the facility was used as a handicraft center and was run by the Persson & Helsing Families during the next few years. In 1986 Ola Karlsson bought the facility and started an expansion that was opened in 1987. The restaurant building was renovated in 1988. Ola Karlsson passed away in 1990 and the Hantverksbyn foundation took over. In 1992 the Wennberg family took over the facility, but went into bankruptcy the same year. In 1993 the Höglund/Strandberg family took over the facility and the nearby gas station opened. In 2016 Lena Jäderbrink took over ownership, after having rented the facility since 2011. Today you’ll find a hotel, restaurant and handicraft store, open year around.