About DalaWärdshus

DalaWärdshus comprises Hantverksbyn in Rättvik. Hantverksbyn runs a hotel business and has a restaurant with full rights.

The company is owned and run by Lena Jäderbrink with staff since 2011.

The story of Hantverksbyn

The handicraft village began to be built by Sören Eriksson in 1977 and was inaugurated in 1979 under the name Slöjdtuppen. The facility was intended to be a pure handicraft center and was run in the coming years by the Persson and Helsing families. In 1986, Ola Karlsson bought the facility and started an extension that was taken into use in May 1987.

The restaurant building was rebuilt in 1988 and Ola Karlsson died in the autumn of 1990, the facility was then run by the Hantverksbyn Foundation. The Wennberg family took over the operation in January 1992 and went bankrupt in the autumn of the same year. In 1993, the Höglund / Strandberg family acquired the facility and OK / Q8 was inaugurated.

In 2016, Lena Jäderbrink took over ownership of the facility after having leased it since 2011 under the name DalaWärdshus. Today, you will find a hotel, restaurant and handicraft shop at the facility. All activities are open daily, all year round.

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